Miramark's Naming Procedure


Miramark's starting goal is to understand your business or product as well as you do. We become our client's partner. Our goal is to develop the best possible name selection. We will help you narrow the best ideas to achieve a final name. Our process is time tested - Since 1993!

We start with a client questionnaire, your collection of market and competitor data and a client interview to tie it all together. We need to know what you want your new name to accomplish and why. We need to know what you may consider and what you won't. We need to start in the right direction in as short a time as possible. We add our own research, based on your information to fully understand your assignment.

Miramark's advantage for its clients is the number of linguists we assign to a creative naming project. The more people we have working on your undertaking, the better your comparative selection will be and the less likely more creative work will be needed. We accomplish most of our assignments with merely one naming effort.

Based on your needs we will assign between 8 and 15 experienced naming linguists who fit your naming job the best. This is no small task, as Miramark has 65 creative naming linguists to choose from. Our creative human resources excel at their craft. The best names come from the best linguists.

The outstanding part is that not only do you get the most comprehensive creative naming selection possible, but only seven days are needed to achieve it. We have so many linguists working on the same job, we require a lower quota of names from each linguist. Other naming companies typically have just one or two linguists who need to work for weeks to produce the same number of creative names as Miramark. Our process ensures a deeper, broader selection of name ideas to choose from. Miramark's secret is giving its client's the right number of names needed to compare against during the narrowing process.

Depending on our client's needs our creative naming report will include 400 to 600 pre-edited names, from approximately 1500 to 3000 raw names developed. These names will be prescreened by Spanish and French translators for use in the United States, (all other pertinent languages available for use in other countries). We do not waste client funds on preliminary legal research as this process typically eliminates very few names and is impractical for so many names.

Here is the narrowing process! We will show you how to professionally edit your creative naming report, then we go to work and do the same in a parallel effort. We will produce a Top Name Report and offer seven day a week consultations, as you may need us! The goal is to constructively narrow your developed new names to a handful of five to 10 names, in a rank order.

Comprehensive legal research is conducted by our own TradeMark Express, which has helped over 50,000 clients achieve trademarks since 1992. Federal trademark, State trademark and Common Law trademark research is given a priority for our Miramark clients within hours. TradeMark Express is open 11 hours a day for extended service. Competitor checks are included for any similarities or conflicts likely to occur in your comprehensive research to expedite the process. Trademark attorneys, including two international trademark attorneys are included in Miramark's fees.

Miramark offers a custom Linguistic Analysis Report on your final name. This is a phonetic analysis, including pronunciation, rhythm and stress; tone and sound symbolism of the vowels; articulation and sound symbolism of the consonants) and a semantic analysis in 10 languages (etymology; readability; lexical meanings; possible connotations, association and false cognates -- both positive and negative). The languages of semantic analysis, considered the most crucial for international commerce, are: English, Hindi, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and German. The report finishes with a summary and linguist's recommendation.

Once the Miramark process attains a legally and linguistically clear new creative name for your business or product our staff at TradeMark Express will prepare your trademark application for the USPTO to secure your intent-to-use or newly in use trademark or servicemark. We also offer Canadian and European Union trademark application preparation services.

If you need a logo design, Miramark offers logo design services from Steve Virga who has helped many of our clients over the past 4 years. Focus groups are also available if needed.

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