Miramark's Naming Benefits

Since 1993, Miramark has been a highly effective creative naming company for large businesses. Miramark's major benefit for you is our experience.

We start with understanding. We want to know all about your business or product, your customers, your competitors. We want to know your studies, your planned positioning, your opportunities. We want to be as knowlegable as you are about your business. When we offer an opinion, it will matter. You won't be alone in finding a new name. We will be with you, at all times.

We pour on the selection. We know nothing is more important than a great selection of names. Without hundreds of names to choose from, names cannot be compared against each other. Truly great names are tested against other great names. The best names come through the creative grinding of our experienced linguists. With 65 creative naming linguists to choose from, Miramark is highly qualified to handle the most difficult naming assignment. We know which linguists will do better at your naming job to give you the widest and deepest name selection to match your criteria, so that you can make the best decision possible. Miramark will deliver a complete set of creative names within seven days. You will not have to return to the creative step again.

Translators in French and Spanish are standard North American services of Miramark. Of course, we offer translators for every other part of the world as well.

Miramark also matches your editing with a Top Name Report, consultations and review of your staff's editing efforts. This process could take a few days or a few weeks. However long, Miramark will continue to help you until a final set of names is chosen.

Our comprehensive United States, Canadian and European trademark research services are offered in house at TradeMark Express, since 1992. Although not comprehensive, TradeMark Express also offers worldwide common law research as a first test, before local legal research specialists are hired through our two International trademark attorneys. TradeMark Express offers its Miramark clients top priority, usually completing research within hours. We include all necessary competitive checks of any similar or conflicting names, to speed the process. We include one of our three trademark attorneys to consult with you, included in our fee.

As an extra service, Miramark offers focus group capability through a variety of third party vendors.

Finally, when a name clears legal research we write a custom Linguistic Analysis Report of your final name.

Let Miramark be your creative choice!